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11,941 reviews
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Advisors: academic/financial were informative and helpful in accommodating all my needs and/or issues. Tech support never fail in the resolution process, doing so in a timely manner..Online also gives the option to work at your convenience, but if not careful in using self disci[line, one can easily fall behind. This, in my opinion can also be a deterrent, but I possess extreme self discipline,so it was not an issue for me. In regards to other students,some posts arecomprehensive and legible, but others are careless, uninteresting, and full of error, not to mention those that attempt to copy and paste neglectig to credit the works of others. That I personally find repulsive. However, overall, it was awesome and interesting!
  • Recent Alumnus
  • 5 months ago
Some of my favorite experiences include that my instructors actually appreciate my effort, provide encouragement, and drive conversations further. Most students are good communicators, kind and open to friendly debate. They come from very diverse backgrounds, which makes the whole learning experience even more rewarding. I decided to go back to school, when I started suffering from chronic pain and fatigue, which disallowed me from continuing my business as a professional massage therapist. Being able to do that allows me to improve my health while expanding my education with the goal of fulfilling a childhood dream. I always wanted to become a scientist, but until now, I never had the chance, financial backing or time. University of Phoenix online is convenient, affordable and a life saver for me, while I get my health back on track! Plus, I can be home with my kids!
  • College Freshman
  • Feb 22 2015
Since enrolling in the university I have had nothing but wonderful staff and instructors. The process began with a great enrollment specialist. She was there everytime I had a question or even times just checking on me to make sure that I was transitioning well. Going from regular attend class college to an online college atmosphere is sometimes a challenge because a person has to be dedicated because it is up to you to get everything done. It is at your own pace, but there are still deadlines to meet. Most classes have been no more then 17 people in a class. The instructors have been amazing! Every instructor I have had thus far has been a specialist in their field. I have felt comfortable speaking with the instructors about my needs or classwork and they have been very attentive and extremely helpful.
  • College Junior
  • 4 months ago