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219 reviews
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Didn't Transfer My Credit Coz It Didn't Meet the Course Contest! The class schedule are very flexible. I was at the state university at my local town before transferring to UoP.Now, to get to college I drive one hour every time to get to class. I have been doing this just for the class flexibility. I took couple classes already and hoped for transfer those credits, but the university transferred only one class, and for that also it took so long almost nine months to figured it out. Instructors show up for the class on time but there is always some sort of problem, for instance, one of the instructors has always problem opening my assignments. He would say he couldn't open the folder. Another instructor had excuse every week, for example, his wife had broken arm, anniversary, and then couple time he didn't have internet service to grade and provide for the assignment. These were just examples only, there are more of these.
  • College Senior
  • July 5 2012
As long you have a great relationship or communicate with your financial adviser things will go smoothly. Remember, communicating is working together not complaining and asking for well, "Hey! May I pull more loans to buy Christmas presents!?". But no harm in asking that sort of things. :)

Zero expectations yet carry high standards towards your advisers. I do for my three advisers / dream team and currently rocking 3.78 with not much worries in the financial department. :)
  • College Junior
  • Nov 19 2013
Now It All Makes Sense – I honestly cannot say enough about this program. Although the workload can be heavy with a full time job and full time responsiblity of my three year old, I am always intrigued and anxious to learn more. Primarily I spend my time doing a great deal of reading and writing about the topics we are studying, and quite frankly it is some of the most interesting content I've ever come across! I take what I learn and apply it to my life, my work, my daughter, and anything else I can. It has explained so much to me about who I am, how I think, and where it all stems from. In addition to that it has helped me to understand some of the most important aspects of my daughters development and created an awareness within me concerning my parenting. I do not yet know what I will do with this program regarding my career path, but even if it never applies in that realm I can honestly say it has been one of the most beneficial journeys I've taken!
  • College Senior
  • June 21 2011