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School Name School Location
AIB College of Business Des Moines, IA
Amridge University Montgomery, AL
Anthem Career College - Nashville Nashville, TN
Anthem College - Kansas City Kansas City, MO
Anthem College - Orlando Orlando, FL
Anthem College - St. Louis North Maryland Heights, MO
Baptist Bible College Springfield, MO
Baton Rouge School of Computers Baton Rouge, LA
Benedictine University - Springfield Springfield, IL
Blue Cliff College - Metairie Metairie, LA
Brightwood College - Beaumont Beaumont, TX
Brightwood College - Brownsville Brownsville, TX
Brightwood College - Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV
Brightwood College - Lubbock Lubbock, TX
Brightwood College - McAllen McAllen, TX
Brown Mackie College - Akron Akron, OH
Brown Mackie College - South Bend South Bend, IN
Bryan University - Springfield Springfield, MO
Bryan University - Topeka Topeka, KS
Bryant & Stratton College - Syracuse Main Syracuse, NY
Carolina Christian College Winston Salem, NC
Carrington College - Boise Boise, ID
Centura College - Newport News Newport News, VA
Centura College - Norfolk Norfolk, VA
Chattanooga College Medical Dental & Technical Careers Chattanooga, TN
City College - Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale, FL
Cleary University Ann Arbor, MI
CollegeAmerica - Fort Collins Fort Collins, CO
Columbia International University Columbia, SC
Concorde Career College - San Bernardino San Bernardino, CA
Concordia University - Ann Arbor Ann Arbor, MI
Cox College Springfield, MO
Crossroads College Rochester, MN
Crouse Hospital College of Nursing Syracuse, NY
Daymar Institute - Clarksville Clarksville, TN
Daymar Institute - Murfreesboro Murfreesboro, TN
Delta College of Arts & Technology Baton Rouge, LA
Donnelly College Kansas City, KS
Eagle Gate College - Salt Lake City Salt Lake City, UT
Empire College School of Business Santa Rosa, CA
Erie Business Center Erie, PA
Everest College - Newport News Newport News, VA
Everest College - Springfield Springfield, MO
Everest College - Vancouver Vancouver, WA
Fortis College - Baton Rouge Baton Rouge, LA
Fortis College - Mobile Mobile, AL
Fortis College - Norfolk Norfolk, VA
Fountainhead College of Technology Knoxville, TN
Galen School of Nursing - Tampa Bay Saint Petersburg, FL
Hamilton Technical College Davenport, IA
Harrison College - Evansville Evansville, IN
Hope International University Fullerton, CA
IBMC College Fort Collins, CO
Instituto Tecnologico de Puerto Rico - Ponce Ponce, PR
Interface College - Spokane Spokane, WA
International College of Broadcasting Dayton, OH
ITT Technical Institute - Boise Boise, ID
ITT Technical Institute - Chattanooga Chattanooga, TN
ITT Technical Institute - Columbia Columbia, SC
ITT Technical Institute - Knoxville Knoxville, TN
ITT Technical Institute - Little Rock Little Rock, AR
ITT Technical Institute - Mobile Mobile, AL
ITT Technical Institute - Norfolk Norfolk, VA
ITT Technical Institute - Oxnard Oxnard, CA
ITT Technical Institute - Richardson Richardson, TX
ITT Technical Institute - San Bernardino San Bernardino, CA
ITT Technical Institute - Tempe Tempe, AZ
Kaplan University - Cedar Rapids Cedar Rapids, IA
Kilian Community College Sioux Falls, SD
Laurel University High Point, NC
Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts - Cambridge Cambridge, MA
Lincoln College of Technology - Dayton Dayton, OH
Los Angeles Music Academy Pasadena, CA
Mercy College of Health Sciences Des Moines, IA
Midstate College Peoria, IL
Minnesota School of Business - Rochester Rochester, MN
Morrison University Reno, NV
National American University - Overland Park Overland Park, KS
National American University - Sioux Falls Sioux Falls, SD
North Central Institute Clarksville, TN
Northwest Christian University Eugene, OR
Pacific College Costa Mesa, CA
Palmer College of Chiropractic - Davenport Davenport, IA
Piedmont International University Winston Salem, NC
Platt College - Ontario Ontario, CA
Prince Institute - Southeast Montgomery, AL
Remington College - Baton Rouge Baton Rouge, LA
Remington College - Lafayette Lafayette, LA
Remington College - Little Rock Little Rock, AR
Remington College - Mobile Mobile, AL
Rockford Career College Rockford, IL
Sanford-Brown Institute - Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale, FL
Simmons Institute of Funeral Service Syracuse, NY
South Coast College Orange, CA
South College - Tennessee Knoxville, TN
South University - Montgomery Montgomery, AL
South University - Savannah Savannah, GA
St. Joseph's College of Nursing Syracuse, NY
St. Vincent's College - Connecticut Bridgeport, CT
Stanbridge College Irvine, CA
Stephens College Columbia, MO
Tennessee Temple University Chattanooga, TN
The Art Institute of Charleston, a branch of The Art Institute of Atlanta Charleston, SC
Tougaloo College Tougaloo, MS
Triangle Tech - Erie Erie, PA
Ultimate Medical Academy - Clearwater Clearwater, FL
University of Advancing Technology Tempe, AZ
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Little Rock, AR
University of New Hampshire at Manchester Manchester, NH
Vatterott College - Des Moines Des Moines, IA
Vatterott College - Springfield Springfield, MO
Virginia College - Huntsville Huntsville, AL
Virginia College - Jackson Jackson, MS
Virginia College - Mobile Mobile, AL
Virginia College - School of Business & Health Chattanooga, TN
Westwood College - Arlington Ballston Arlington, VA

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