San Joaquin Valley College - Rancho Cucamonga

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10641 Church St.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730


333 reviews
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San Joaquin Valley College Ontario, is a beautiful modern campus. It has everything that we need here to futher our specific eduation. Staff members are all so welcoming, friendly, and understanding. I am a visiual learner and ilove that SJVC is all hands-on. I never imagined myself today as a Honor roll student, involed with clubs on campus, having perfect attendance any of those things. I was once the girl who didnt like high school, failing classes, not showing up to class to loving college. With the help of my instructors, staff members, and family I am chasing my dreams on day at a time, and i cant wait to see what the future has instore for me!
  • College Senior
  • Mar 6 2014
I believe that it is the best out there. Here at SJVC it is a 14 month process to getting you Degree! 14 Months can you believe that?! I have had an amazing experience here. There was a time that I didnt know if this was for me or not but sticking it through studying hard has really paid off! What i love about this school is that everything is hands-on. So we will have lecture then we will be taught how to do it, then practice on one another. At first I was scared, but everyone was new to it so we learned together. The instructors are very passionate of what they do.I learned how to do injections: Intradermal, Subcutaneous, Intramuscular, Z-tracks. We learned Phlebotomy which is how to draw blood, glucose testing, hemoglobin, hematocrit etc. With these testing comes making sure that the dosage of mediction is correct and the proper technique of administration is done right. They talk about real life situations or how it is in the office so that when we go out we will know. If there was a time that you didnt understand the concept, they are always open to help you or to tutor you. I never was good at math in highschool, coming to SJVC the teachers made me enjoy the class and learning everyday to were i got my first grade A in the class. It felt so amazing. The homework that is given is based on the concept that we went over that day, it all ties in together and is helpful for when it comes to quiz time! Something that I love is that we have career advisors on campus to help us when it comes time for externship. Extern is 180 hours in the medical office of your choice or they help you find a place. This is to put what you learned from the courses into the real life. Whatever the doctor allows you to do you can do. It is manatory for the Clinical Medical Assitant Program.
  • College Senior
  • Mar 6 2014
Better Than Community College. SJVC is definitely a school that shaped me to be a better student. Their rigorous accelerated program kept me on my toes, and taught me how to prioritize my education before all other aspects of my life. The CMA instructors are amazing, and I have learned a lot from them. They have worked in the field, so what better people to learn from! There are some general education instructors that were amazing, and others that weren't up to par. The only thing I didn't appreciate was how agressive their recruiters are. I understand that now that I know that they are a for profit school.. I guess you have to please the shareholders. It's my own fault for not researching SJVC more carefully. They weren't much help when it came to transfering, since they are mainly a job orientated facility, but what upset me was that my advisor advertised SJVC as such a place. With a lot of complaining and independant research, I got where I needed to be, which is transferred out of SJVC and on to a facility of higher learning where I can recieve my bachelors in pre-medicine. I tremendously appreciate what SJVC has done for me, but I believe that with some slight improvements they can market themselves to a broader perspective of students who are more interested in furthering their education, rather than snagging a job straight out of a 14 month program.
  • Recent Alumnus
  • June 13 2011