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5 College Senior

Majors: I love my major. It is an excellent program at the school. Very strong support and I have learned a wealth of information about myself and working towards a profession in the field. I'm very satisfied with my experience. The hands on experience through the internships has been invaluable! The work load is very manageable and at times easy.

4 College Senior

Overall Experience: Class sizes are small and intimate. The professors all know you by name and are very open to helping students the best they can. Some of the classes are taught by new adjunct teachers- some of which should not be teaching and consequently taught very little with a lot of confusion to what needs the students have. Long term professors are over all excellent. They are working professionals in their field and offer a wealth of knowledge and experience. I have had more positive experiences with my professors than poor experiences. There is a lot of open discussion and a lot of independent learning. The down fall with open discussions is that students can get side tracked and offer personal experiences pertaining little to what the topic of the day is. It becomes frustrating when the professors allow personal stories become the focus of the class versus actually learning from the professor.

4 College Senior

Administration: Parking is strictly enforced and very limited. Parking is also very expensive. The dorm rules depend on the RA- residential attendants. Some RAs are very strict, and others a lenient unless students are blatantly disobeying dorm rules. Honor codes are very much enforced.

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3 College Senior

Scholarships: My best advice is to find outside sources of scholarships. The tuition was lowered my second year, but they removed all of my scholastic grants. This meant I was paying more out of pocket. It was very frustrating and scholarships are limited.

2 College Senior

Guys & Girls: The majority of the student body is female. An average Lesley girl is a vegan hipster who listens to obscure bands, who constantly talks about her feelings and how everything is ironic. The male population is mostly gay, and there is a very small percentage of straight guys. Everyone is very open to all life styles.

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2 College Senior

Athletics: The sports teams are often over looked. The gym facilities are horrendously out dated and poorly maintained. There are very poor hours that are not conducive to most students schedules. The gym is stuffy and crowded with old machinery. A decent amount of machines are broken and haven't been fixed in years. Sports teams are not heavily supported. Most students are not even aware of what sports are available.

3 College Senior

Campus Housing: Some of the dorms are very crowded and loud, but have the convenience of being close to classes and dining halls. On campus housing is very expensive. It easy to spend a lot of time with peers and being close to social events. The renovated victorian houses are the best options. They are spacious and charming. They include a full kitchen to cook for yourself and over all the best value. The main down fall of on campus living is the rule that students must have a meal plan. Meal plans are over priced and has few options. The food is not healthy and becomes monotonous with the same rotation of options.

4 College Senior

Off-Campus Dining: There is a wide selection of interesting and unique options for dining out. Unfortunately for the average college student, many restaurants are expensive. The food is fantastic and very convenient. There is a high volume of great restaurants, pubs, and bars in close proximity to each other. There is easy accessibility by walking or public transportation. I haven't encountered many student discounts.

3 College Senior

Off-Campus Housing: Certain areas are cheap living, but you risk the convenience of transportation and safety. It is very competitive to find a reasonably priced apartment with easy transportation with a moderate/short commute to campus. Parking is a huge problem in the city. Parking is expensive and hard to find. Public transportation is much easier, but is very time consuming. A five minute drive can take 15-20 minutes by bus or the train. There is very high traffic at certain times which also adds to the frustration. Landlords can take advantage of residents because of the high number of colleges/college students searching for housing. The college I attend supports on campus convenience and thus, offers little help to off campus housing. Its best to find a realtor.

5 College Senior

Local Area: Living in Cambridge is vibrant and exciting. There are always great restaurants and bars. Many different and exciting events going on all the time. It is very much a college city, with an eclectic mix of individuals from all over. The locals can be a little blunt and unfriendly, but the high concentration of college students off set this city edge. People are generally very welcoming and friendly.

2 College Senior

Party Scene: The school is quite small. The parties are generally equivalent to a small gathering with friends where you can chat casually, socialize and drink.

5 College Senior

Academics: Very high standards to prepare students to enter the professional field. There is a very strong focus on self-care and reflection, equally supplying and teaching the necessary tools to succeed.

College Senior

Greek Life: There is no Greek life at my campus.

3 College Freshman

Diversity: Th diversity on campus is something that is pretty well know for the school. Coming into lesley I knew that there were a lot of different types of people and that it was a pretty welcoming community. Everyone here is pretty accepting of each other. What I didn't realize until a couple weeks into school is that the kid who are different and accepting of "others" are really only accepting of people just like them. I would describe my self as a typical new englander from Connecticut and I feel like the type of kid who does not fit in here . I am not suddenly the type of kid that isn't like the rest and its because the artsy and more free going type of people create a group of people just like them and thats who they hang out with. The only other type of group is the athletes who also stick to themselves.

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3 College Freshman

Athletics: The athletics here are not very recognized by the student body and almost none of the students come out to watch a soccer or basketball game. Most kids here aren't really that athletic in general as most of them are far more invested in being at the art school. This does make the gym a very quiet place and can be nice for those few students who do like to work out and the facilities are small but nice. There are free weights and a good amount of machines but there really is only a treadmill and bikes available for cardio work. The most popular sports the Lesley are baseball, soccer and cross country and they all do pretty well in their conference but it is a small number of the student body that takes part in sports. For this reason the athletes on campus form their own group and usually stick to each other on and off the field.

3 College Freshman

Campus Housing: The campus housing here is pretty standard as if any other college dorms. For example the dorm rooms in White Hall ,Mackenzie, Malloch or Doble are all pretty spacious and offer a good amount of storage space through under bed space, shelves and closets. They are all comfortable to live in with one or three more roommates. In most of these halls there are singles, double and quads which are all fine to live in. The singles can be really nice and have good space and the doubles are just as good. Quads can be fun too but also an adjustment to live in with three other people but those rooms are really just two doubles connected by a hall. Most dorm rooms have a common room with a kitchen, fridge and tv which can be used by everyone which is nice if you have to heat something up or want to leave milk in the fridge, just remember to label your stuff or else people will eat it. The bathrooms are also pretty good but that can change base don the types of people that live on your floor. The bathrooms will ONLY stay clean if people clean up after themselves. In terms of social atmosphere iv noticed that a lot of people aren;t too social here at Lesley and during the week and on the weekends many people can be found in their rooms which can be a downfall .

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4 College Freshman

Local Area: The area of Cambridge/Boston is a great place for students to take in. The atmosphere is very up beat and lively because there is always something to do. The local people are mostly made of up young professions and local college students so there is a welcoming feeling from people around you, with that being said that type of attitude towards the college students in the area is based of of years of good behavior and respect of the town your living in. Really just being able to carry yourself and respect others around you allows for people in the area to think highly of the students in the area. With attractions , activities and events in the area there is ALWAYS something going on next week from the cultural festivals, boston calling, Berkley music festival, fluff fest , quincy market christmas tree lighting and the boston marathon. Year round, season to season there is always some type of event going on throughout the city. There are all museums and the science center available to students and is a great thing to do on the weekends. If sports are your thing there here in Cambridge/Boston you can see a Bruins game or a red sox game and even visit colleges like Harvard for their football games, or Boston College, Northeastern, Boston University for basketball ,soccer or hockey games. All tickets are not that inexpensive and is a great way to get off campus. Speaking off getting off campus there are many forms of transportation, the local T and Bus are primarily the ways to get around the city and they can usually be pretty convenient. They are cheap as well and can run pretty fast, occasional some T lines like the green line can take a little bit longer just because of the busy areas it travels through. If you can get used to using the bus then thats a great things to use and can be faster at times. Additionally cabs can vary in prices depending on how far your planning on traveling and the commuter rail allows you to visit surround towns like Salem or Danvers.

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3 College Freshman

Majors: I haven't had an internship at Lesley yet but I have plenty of friends who have had them. And the quality , time commitment, responsibilities will obviously vary on the type of internship or concentrated field of the internship. But from what I have seen is that the school does average work when it comes to finding internship. The administration stresses a lot about the importance of getting one but most of my friends have had to go out on their own and find them by themselves. Its still great that they are able to be exposed to a city where they are still able to do this on their own but the school does not do that much to help their students with it. One of my close friends is a photography major and got an internship with the governor of Massachusetts but this was something that she found on her own time with the help of her parents. I will say that being in Cambridge/Boston is probably one of the best places to be going to school in with the intention of taking an internship, there are so many companies and organizations that are willing to hire undergrad and grad students but at least at Lesley its mostly something you have to go out and seek for yourselves.

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College Freshman

Majors: I am currently an undecided freshman but I am also planning to transfer to a bigger university in Boston. At Lesley the only big majors that kids go into are education, psychology or degrees with in the art and design school. If you interested in a more widespread liberal arts academics or the science, math or medical field than Lesley might not be the school for you. I know that most kids don't have a difficult time getting into the major they want and even though the art school has a different applications and process to get into I know that its not to hard too. You really just have to be above average in your art work and passionate about it, you can also go in as an undecided art student.

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3 College Freshman

Off-Campus Housing: Lesley in cambridge so the price to live off campus can actually be pretty expensive. If you do want to live off campus is better to live with a group of people and split the monthly rates but your still going to have to pay for your own food, heating, wifi and laundry so its can get pretty pricey. Most kids at Lesley if they do live off campus choose to go to either Somerville because its closer to campus to Allston down my Boston University because its cheaper. Even though in Allston you can find a pretty nice apartment or house for cheap its still pretty far away from campus and unless you have a car then walking , the T or the bus is your only mode for transportation. With living off campus its understandable to want the freedom and to have more space than the standard dorms but Lesley also has great extended on campus living for the same price as room and board. They have newly renovated victorians houses which are made of up singles and doubles and are really spacious and also living in a suite is also an option with more room and more freedom for the same price as room and board. I would say if you can live on campus and be happy or choice one of the extended living ares then I would because being near a city means that rents are going to be more expensive and harder to find.

5 College Freshman

Off-Campus Dining: Your in Cambridge/Boston, a city ! The off campus food is great here, there are so many options that really cater to everyones needs weather is be being vegetarian options or different types of ethnic cuisine. There always a pizza shop, burger place, tavern, ice cream parlor or Chinese restaurant around every corner. You can pretty much find what ever kind of food your looking for in and around Cambridge. And the prices range so much, you can find a cheap burger at tasty burger or shake shack or an upscale burger as a fancy tavern.

3 College Freshman

Guys & Girls: Its not so much comparing the girls and guys to each other but more comparing the students at Lesley to other students at universities. Lesley is a very different type of school where many of the students come for the education program or the art school so with that you get a very unique type of students. I personally did not take this into account when applying and is a small portion of why I am switching schools. The kids here might be different from the kids are your high school with different piercings and tattoos and they might dress differently in more outrageous clothing. They do fit the typical "art student" look and this might not appeal to some people if they arent used to be around different types of people. A lot of kids here are openly about their sexual orientation which can make for a really accepting community. Iv just noitced that if you are the sterotyipcal "preppy new englander" or the so "normal type " of college student then you may not fit in here.

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3 College Freshman

Health & Safety: Safety on school is pretty good. If you get locked out of your room, or lose you id or need help there is always Campus Safety on both Brattle and Doble campus. When it comes to sexual assaults and rape , I have only been on this campus a couple of months but there really not a problem with it. To my knowledge sexual assaults and rape haven't been an occurring incident. If it does however happen to you or a friend the school does provide some pretty good support to deal and take action with that type of thing. Aside from that I know that our campus goes the length of porter square to harvard square and that you can call Public Safety to escort you or drive you to your dorm or class ON CAMPUS if you feel unsafe about walking. This is not a taxi service and they will not drive you to any place off campus. I would say the only thing to remember is that Lesley is in a city environment and with an city you always have to be alert for strangers , especially at night. This is not to scare anyone but just to be aware that while your in a city you always have to be on the look. Its not anything against Lesley but its the same thing for any other school in the city.

2 College Freshman

Party Scene: On campus there are rarely parties going on, if anything it hosted by the baseball teams or the soccer teams in surrounding towns like somerville or Allston which can make getting to them and back home either difficult , time consuming or expensive.Even with those types of parties being hosted they are usually pretty exclusive to either just teammates or to only other athletes on campus. Being an athlete myself they can still be pretty fun. Some kids will host things in their houses or apartments but event those have a certain amount of people and noise that they will take. Most kids go to the bigger universities in the city like MIT, Harvard or Boston University if they are trying to go out. But if your 21 and over there are some great bars and clubs that the city has to offer.

3 College Freshman

Administration: It terms of strictness at the school its can vary upon topic. For one things the school and your professors are very strict about attendance in class, because it is such a small school with smaller classes it would often be hard in general to skip a class but they really are strict about this because they want you to do well and each class is structured so that you can take that information to create discussion and classwork for the next class. One thing they are not too strict about is noise in the dorm rooms or alcohol. If you not making noises that are confining for your safety or are bothering anyone else the RA's really don't care. And when it comes to alcohol they always tell you that only 21 and up can have alcohol in their rooms and can only share with other 21 year olds but they aren't going to be walking around to each room and do room checks on the weekend. As long as your not be so obvious about having people over or drinking then you really wont get caught. With over night guests or visitors there are not strict at all about this, first of all unlike other schools you don't have to sign in your guests, they just walk in the same door as you when you access it with your id.They say there is a 3 day night limit but no on checks in on it and as long as your guest staying over for a long time dosen't create a problem for you roommate or floor mates then nothing happens.


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Lesley provides a college experience that you won't be able to get anywhere else. While it is true that every school has its faults, Lesley included, overall most students would agree that—between the strong friendships, the small school size, and the knowledge gained for the future—the positives most definitely outweigh the negatives. While it isn’t the school for everyone, it is a great place for those looking to learn in an accepting, close-knit community. If you are searching for a large, boisterous, party school, however, Lesley probably isn’t going to be a good fit. But if you have an open mind and are truly committed to making a difference in the world, Lesley is well-equipped to give you the tools to do just that.

Upon graduation, students are well-prepared to enter the workforce, having the tools to prepare for other areas of post-graduation life, which is one reason Lesley is so unique. Part of this is due to the fact that Lesley is located in such a large, diverse city and has an open campus; students are really given the opportunity to become more independent and self-sufficient, which isn’t always the case at other colleges. The other part is due to the diversity of ideas and beliefs that Lesley and the Cambridge area offer, encouraging students to view the world more open-mindedly. While the University has its strengths and weaknesses, just as with any school, you won't be able to receive a more fulfilling instructional and social education than at Lesley.

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