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Hey everyone,

I'm in your Marketing 14733 class and I made an intense study guide a while back. There's important info that will be on the test at the end of the semester. If you want a copy, click here!

I'll be uploading notes for the rest of the semester, so make sure to follow me to get updates when I post new materials ( Flashcards, study guides, you name it.

Happy Studying!
  • College Senior
  • Oct 18 2013
The main problem with my major is that they are liquidating it later this year and early into 2014. As for the last remaining classes, they have been quite successful. It is mostly group project work which is going well. The classes I have taken over the past couple years have been a mixed bag. Most of my electives involve typing up papers while others going into working with others. I struggled with the math and early programming courses due to the teachers not being much help or flat out not going over the material. Some teachers I did have have been great and passed those classes with flying colors.
  • Recent Alumnus
  • Aug 12 2013
Students of Many Backgrounds – DeVry - Virginia has changed so much since I first started, and for the better. Their Admissions, Student Central, Student Body, etc. They take education seriously and so do the students. Many students work part time and full time jobs and there are also students who just attend school and do work study at the campus. Some also work at near-by stores and restaurants. The student body range from all diverse backgrounds and get along pretty well. The main campus also has a new nursing school so there are more females at the VA campus. I did notice alot more males before.
  • College Senior
  • Aug 30 2012