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348 reviews
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I currently attend DeVry University with plans to complete and obtain a B.S. degree in Computer and Information Technology. Walking into DeVry, I knew nothing about computers. From the beginning to end of each class, I have been able to attain a great amount of informative knowledge from assigned Professors/Instructors, giving me the tools I initially desired, simply unlocking this powerful confidence I have today. DeVry University, is well-respected and recognized for their exceptionally professional staff, faculty, and mentors, that are always available. I come into DeVry University with the utmost respect on how eager and passionate the staff are with guiding students in reaching their goals successfully. So, I stand with pride to say, I am genuinely honored to have “DeVry University” be part of m
  • College Junior
  • Oct 7 2015
I currently attend DeVry University with plans to complete a B.S. In Computer and Information Systems. Prior to attending DeVry I had no interest in computers viewing the machines as a complex and confusing equipment. DeVry has taught me the knowledge, essentially building my confidence which inspired me to work harder. This school has innumerable resources, mentors, with a vast group of professional and exceptional instructors who are currently working in the industry. The library is impressive, providing access to great books generally helping students excel. Simply privileged to experience online and live classes, never completing a course without gaining new, vital, informative and profound knowledge. Ultimately, the Instructors, faculty and staff showed passion when teaching which has produced successful future graduates. Now I have built a solid foundation in learning computer knowledge, rewarding me with an offer to apply for the honors program.
  • College Sophomore
  • May 4 2015
I have always preferred live classes. I focus better and feel comfortable knowing that a Instructor is there to

answer any questions that I may have. Computers have a great feature added that can make the research

side of things easy, although they can be a pain when there is a malfunction with the system. Peer-to-peer, and professor/student can be very useful, socializing with different people can be quite entertaining!
  • College Sophomore
  • Dec 12 2014