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2,599 reviews
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The major I have chosen is cutting edge and in great demand. I have been in positions that could have benefited from the things I am currently learning. The workload is quite heavy, depending on what classes you take and the facilities are nothing short of awesomely professional! I quite enjoy the "blended" classroom/online curriculum because it keeps you on track with the current chapters that are being reviewed and it allows for open dialog between the students. You get to hear other student's perspectives on each chapter/subject.
  • College Senior
  • 11 months ago
My experience with the faculty is in classroom participation, they are professionals that are tenured in their profession and have real world experiences to share that incorporates classroom instruction. The class sizes are normal with 5 -12 students which is great! Nothing like large lecture halls where you get lost!

The courses that are offered in my major are available at several campuses so as long as you are flexible, you can get the class you need to keep your academic career on track.
  • College Senior
  • 11 months ago
Online classes are great, but the way the classes are set up require you to open your computer to possible problems. I have written all kinds of exceptions for the various online resources. I have had to explain to their tech staff that I do not plan to completely allow any kinds of popups and cookies. It continually amazes me that they advise people to do this! So, I have found their tech support less than great. After three classes, I think that I now have all the exceptions written. When I run into trouble, I have called and gone through the exceptions I have written to see which one I am missing. I still have problems with a few options in the chat function. Also, due to my internet setup, having to deal with i-connect (video) is a real headache. Then I had to download another browser to view i-connect (which is always scheduled for the time when I need to be preparing dinner). This has been the most frustrating part of the whole process.
  • College Student
  • May 28 2014