DeVry College of New York

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180 Madison Ave., Ste. 900
New York, NY 10016


116 reviews
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I feel that the education that I'm receiving from DeVry is adequate. After attending this school for 8 months now, I have noticed that most of my classes I have taken have that accelerated feel compared to a traditional college during the summer. The may work on certain classes, but in my core classes, I feel 8 weeks is not enough to learn. There was a computer class that I was taking the really felt overwhelming for those who didn't have the back ground. It was easy for me because I had taken an A+ certification class that lasted 4 months! Obviously with experience my background education in computers has helped me to above those students who are just starting. There was just too much information to learn in such a short amount of time.
As for Financial Aid, I can saw, the people have dealt with, have really gone above and beyond to help me to get funding to keep attending my classes.
My only gripe, is the communication between faculty and students. communications seems to be lacking at times and sometimes, days on end..
  • College Senior
  • June 27 2013
For those who work and have a family, this school is perfect with schedule...however, it comes at price! I think you can get similar education at a city university for the fraction of the cost. If i do decide to continue my education, it will be at a cuny school. Right now im just concentrating on finishing my education here at Devry and work on how to pay off my loans.
  • College Senior
  • Mar 12 2014
I Love Devry University! I have talked to many people at DeVry University as I have started taking online classes with them and they are super friendly! Every person that I have talked to has congradulated me on my decision on going to school. They go above and beyond to get you the information you need and the online learning platform is easy to navigate. I was very nervous about going to online school but I have come to absolutly love it and look forward to getting my degree! I looked into their accredidation and it is amazing. I have nothing but positive experiences so far and would definately recomend it to everyone that wants to recieve a quality degree!
  • College Freshman
  • Jan 15 2012