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87 reviews
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I love Daymar Insitute. The staff is very friendly. The teachers really do help you with your work. Everyone helps everyone there.
I really like the small classroom feel and able to connect with the instructors. Daymar offers a variety of resources and connects with the local community.
I love my school. I love how the teachers along with the financial aid officers really help the students. I love how the classes work with your day to day schedule.
I love my school and I wish I had of went here first instead of my previous school.
I like the online courses because you are more flexible with your time. The teachers are really on point with the instructions also.
The career services and internships are the best.
  • College Junior
  • 11 months ago
  • Value
Computer Applications, my professor is very easy to understand. Meaning she will help you with whatever you are having trouble with. She will also go at a steady pace not moving to fast to where the other students are lost.
I love that my school has numerous job fairs and they will also help you with your resume by helping you use the Daymar Edge. The Daymar Edge helps you build your resume to where it is to the employer's liking. They always have internships within your career field. They also help you prepare for your interview through career services.
  • College Junior
  • 11 months ago
  • Value
Medical Billing and Coding. The field and coding are always changing so it is great to learn new things.
I really like this school. Every faculty member is very helpful. The teachers are amazing if there is something you do not understand they will really work with you until you get it right.
It's not such a big school, but I like it that way. Everything is simple and to the point like their student assistance.
  • College Junior
  • Jan 7 2016
  • Value
I couldnt be happier with the respect I've been given and the ease of being introduced to the campus and others
I havent had a whole lot of experience in the classes yet, but it seems my major -business accounting- is the underdog. Its not as pronounced like the other majors.
I had no credits to transfer, but setting up classes have been a breeze.
Everyone has been so pleasant to get me enrolled and understand the process of becoming a student
  • College Junior
  • Dec 29 2015
  • Value
I love how everyone knows everybody's name. It's like one big family.
They go out of their way to help the student.
You have your own team on two to three people working with you from beginning to end. They are propt with wnswering any questions or concerns you may have.
Ridiculous price for a bootleg education.
  • College Senior
  • Mar 20 2014
  • Value
The college works closely with precincts in the small town, but if you aren't prior military, you have to business trying to get a job at any of those departments.
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