Chamberlain College of Nursing - St. Louis Westline

155 reviews
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11830 Westline Industrial Dr., Ste. 106
St. Louis, MO 63146
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155 reviews
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Chamberlain College of Nursing is a wonderful school. I am a new student at this school and will be starting this up coming semester; summer 2011. Therefore, I cannot comment on the classes and professors. However, the staff at chamberlain are very welcoming and helpful. I am a transfering from another university and they have made the process very easy for me and made sure I understood everything. The most difficult transiion I had to deal with was my financil aid but my financil advisor has proved to be most useful. She was very patient with me and tried to answer all my questions to the best of her knowledge. She was informative and focused on my needs. I've been working on my financial aid with her almost everyday for a month! She deserve an adward!
The tution at Chambelain is very expensive along with other costs but it worth every penny. The program is designed to create extrodinary nurses. All their equpiment is brand new and up to date. If you ever have a question about financial aid you should talk to Akua Walker at Chamberlain College of Nursing, Arlington Campus
  • College Junior
  • June 22 2011
Online College Rocks! I love how easy the books are to get, many are e-books and the requirements are reasonable. I am studying for my BSN and eventually my MSN education.I plan to teach nursing. All my classes are 8wks long! Not abbreviated, just accelerated. It is like night school without the driving. We have Devry for core courses which is also cool. I am in the math sections and doing OK. I could never learn algebra until now. At 53 years old I am finally getting my education!
  • College Freshman
  • Oct 7 2011
I love the small class sizes. The program is accelerated and it is tedious but not impossible. The professors are very experienced, engaging, and caring. It also offers tutoring! Something that most nursing schools do not have.
  • College Sophomore
  • Jan 25 2015