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Bard is a very unique place and it opens your eyes to so many interesting and awesome people. Glad that I gave Bard a chance. I made awesome friends and received a great education.
Bard is an incredibly underrated school for truly gifted and diverse students. With a burgeoning sports program and international focus, it is sure to rise as one of the top liberal arts universities in the U.S.
Bard's a great college where you can create your own experience. There are tons of stuff always going on, on campus. However, the one really bad thing about Bard is that they are awful about communicating events. Everything is passed from word of mouth, which can be unreliable.
The focus seems to be far more on safety of students than on enforcing laws, which makes it a lot easier to students in trouble to ask for help. There are several student run organizations that work to help anyone who needs a ride back to campus, and the physicians on campus acknowledge that drug use is common and focus on making a practical difference when it comes to students' health.
There is no Greek life at all. I'm not sure why we're forced to answer this question considering that there is absolutely nothing to say.
As an athlete who is mostly in it to develop my own skills rather than win against other colleges, I love Bard athletics. There is zero school spirit, though, so don't expect to come here and have the whole school rally behind sports teams. The atmosphere is far more inclusive and the focus of athletics is more on improving than on winning, which I appreciate. However, if you're extremely serious about athletics, this probably isn't the school for you.
I have enjoyed my school quite a bit. The main drawbacks are the location and the size of the department. It's almost impossible to get off campus without a car, and this can make things like shopping or attending local events in the neighboring towns difficult. It often gets very isolating to be stuck on campus all of the time. My professors are incredible, and I appreciate that I've been able to develop a good relationship with them due to the small class sizes. However, because my major has so few people in it, there is a serious lack of higher level classes. After interacting with other students in my major from different schools, it seems to me that most of them have a much more extensive preparation simply due to the fact that they're able to get higher level courses more regularly than we do, so that is something to keep in mind when choosing Bard.
sets kids up for success
  • College Freshman
  • 6 months ago
  • Value
I wish we could have single rooms
  • College Freshman
  • 6 months ago
  • Housing
I'm an athlete and I'm very excited about the program
Second-Tier Ivy. Excellent Academic Education
There is too much variation in housing. I lived in a brand new dorm, with a clean bathroom practically to myself my freshman year, but I walked like half a mile to class, while some students lived in rooms where the ceilings collapsed from burst sewage pipes, and students in the new toasters lived like 100 feet from everything on campus in clean and spacious rooms.
  • College Sophomore
  • 6 months ago
  • Housing
I gave this rating because the gym is nice. Weight room is often empty, equipment is good, and there's a nice pool. It's a great gym for a small school. As for like spectator sports, that's not something Bard is well known for. Supposedly 40% of my class plays a sport. That being said, people don't go to sports games often; it's just really not part of the school's culture, which I think is a good thing in some ways. I went to a few basketball games and a few lacrosse games last year. I enjoyed myself, but these events will never be the highlights of my college years, like they might be for students at other schools.
Bard is interesting. Bard offers a unique, top tier education. Bard's (so-called) proximity to NYC and other nearby intellectual hubs, has attracted an exceptional faculty. Bard is highly respected among academics, but many people (read: employers) don't know about it. I'm pretty sure I couldn't get the education anywhere else, but the same could be said about most decent colleges. All I know is that I respect my professors a lot, and that Bard has given me some amazing opportunities. With my concentration in Africana Studies, Bard has served me well. In my first semester, there was one month when I attended a lecture by Cornell West for free through a student organization one weekend; saw Toni Morrison, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Jesse Williams and more speak at the New Yorker Festival the next; and then saw an advanced screening of an award winning documentary on the Black Panthers the week after that. Still, life there can be difficult. There are so many narcissists and its so small and isolated, its hard to escape them. The Bard culture can be unpleasant at times, but as far as am concerned its worth it.
Bard is a very safe space. If a student gets caught drinking or something, they will usually be sent to the dean but instead of being punished, they sort of check in with you throughout the semester - it's constructive rather than destructive. Just don't be stupid.
Living on campus is really nice for the first two years. The newer buildings are quite beautiful. Many times the underclassmen/freshmen dorms generate great communities and create bonds that will last you throughout your four years at Bard.
Sports teams at Bard have very close communities. You'll see them eating meals together, hosting parties, or out and around. Luckily, Bard's sports culture is not over the top, and hierarchies that exist elsewhere disappear here.
Bard is a great place to be if you are trying to figure out who you want to be. As a student, you are challenged by rigorous coursework and profesors who push you to develop ideas and opinions. Being a student at Bard means understanding the world without convention. It's one of the hardest places I've ever adapted to, but once I entered, I'm so happy to stay and grow.
One of the reasons why I chose Bard was because sports was not important here. While I do appreciate this immensely on one hand, I wish there was more passion towards playing sports "for fun," such as club sports. I enjoy being active if it's not too intense like a DIII sport, and I wish more students liked playing sports as a fun hobby.
My favorite thing about Bard is how liberal it is. Sure, most college environments are considered liberal but Bard students are very passionate about social and political activism. In fact, I've seen Bard on lists for 'most activist colleges.' Coming from a rather conservative area, it's very relieving to be surrounded by people with souls. Everyone here is very accepting.
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