Arizona State University - Downtown Phoenix Campus

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Arizona State University - Downtown Phoenix Campus is ...
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411 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
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358 reviews
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I think that Arizona State University is an amazing school! I go to the downtown campus and absolutely love it. I have taken some classes in Tempe and have found that because of the large amount of students per class the teachers/professors are not as committed to student success as they are on the downtown campus. I am currently in Microbiology in Tempe and am not impressed with the method of teaching. The professors do not seem to care as much in Tempe. However, I still give ASU 5 stars because there are tons of resources that you can go to for help with tutoring, careers, writing, or anything in between. The majority of the professors are great and I feel that I am in a school that will help me in the future through their large variety of internships they offer.
  • College Sophomore
  • 3 months ago
Arizona State University is a great school! If you want to go to ASU but you don't want the big University classes, then the downtown campus is the perfect place for you! The classes are very small for college classes. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. The professors are great and are happy to help whenever you ask. The only thing that's a downside is there are quite a few homeless people walking around and asking for money, since the campus is spread out and in the middle of downtown campus. But it is very safe, and I've never had a problem with feeling like I was in danger on campus. And if I did they have many resources, like ASU police, that will come to you and walk you to your car, dorm room, or class if you feel unsafe.
  • Freshman
  • 11 days ago
When I was a freshman I lived in the dorms on campus and I loved it, however as a now-sophomore I do not live in the dorms. Taylor Place is geared towards freshman. There is only one on-campus housing downtown and that is it. All of the freshman live there, so there is not as much room for everyone else. If I had received more financial aid, I would have considered living in the dorms again, but they are extremley expensive! I found an apartment that is within walking distance to campus (10 minutes) that is half the price of the dorms. However, I do not regret living in the dorms my first year. I felt it helped me get accustomed to college and helped me learn more about all the resources that are offered through ASU.
  • College Sophomore
  • 3 months ago