Anthem College - Sacramento

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9738 Lincoln Village Drive Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95827
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97 reviews
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I enjoy the program and students in the class. The limited staff members that I have encountered were very nice. Probably the most noticeable thing we as students have noticed is that the Anthem College doesn't advertise. Other trade schools do promote their successful programs, and we don't hear the positives or past student achievements.

This is probably one thing students question. "Was this the right school, I know nothing about it only that it's tuition is competitive."
  • College Senior
  • Feb 14 2014
I think the curriculum is good, but I feel that it would be beneficial to offer an entry exam before placing students in the classes. I have seen some students outside of my program seemed unprepared at what their program would include. And if the students do get through the program satisfactorily, they will be difficult to place in externship. This could severely damage the Anthem College reputation. Right now if you are willing to pay, you get in. Not fair to those folks. T
  • College Senior
  • Feb 14 2014
All the staff try to be nice, but since this school is heavily research-oriented, most staff seem to consider teaching a secondary job. This shows in their lack of enthusiasm toward their classes. Other colleges and have seen a higher number of professors who can teach in a way that helps students understand. In our professors' defense, there are some who do try and have interesting and challenging courses. Also when you are going to enroll in the college the Adminsion people will make it sound like that you don't have to worry about your student loan while you're in class and that they'll make the schedule flexible that it can fix your schedule, but no that's not true. They'll try to take you out of class and they'll not change you to an instructor that you can understand thier way of teaching but put you into one that their teaching is way different. Because arrcording to the Dean of education at Anthem College in sacramento she's not going to change you to the instructor that you been with before and the way they teach you understanding but instead she want you to stay with the one that you cannot understand her teaching. According to the Dean she's not going to change any student into any other instructor class because you can't understanding the instructor, but she did it to other students. Also when talking to the Dean she will be give you attitude. When seeing her infront of everyone at the Orientation she fake it so well that you want to attend the school. Honestly if i would to the know about the Dean nd the Staff I would never sign up for the College. So before anyone signup for this college you guys really need to make sure that you what they really said to you at the time of admission or enrollment, it had to be in black and white. Because 16,000 is alot to be wasted for a college that don't even care. They say it but don't follow through.
  • Recent Alumnus
  • June 19 2013