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52 reviews
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Onlline EMP1000 – With the online course process it is actually up to the student themselves to take it serious. The work is very detailed oriented, but at the sametime there are going to be things you may not understand and re-reading the matrial always helped me get better understanding/knowledge. Some projects were a little lengthy,but the instructor gave us ample time to get it done. As far a work overloads they're really are none because you are given a syllabus with specific dates, times, and the that things should be turned in and comepleted. Do the work follow the syllabus step by step makes the online learnig system run smoothly for you and the instructor!
  • College Junior
  • May 2 2011
The one online course that I was able to take was very convenient with working around my work and personal life schedules. Of course I also had to make time for the class as well. The workload was collective over a few weeks but not overwhelming to complete. We were honored to have a helpful professor who was able to reply back to us in a timely manner with questions, feedback, and grades. Within the class roster, we were able to interact with each other through email the school provided and a blogging group.
  • College Senior
  • Nov 22 2011
Being duel enrolled with limited time to go between the college and back to my high school, I've only had the chance to meet other duel enrolled students. Of those we are a very diverse groups of many different ethnic, economic, and political backgrounds. While this at times has lead to some heated debates, it has helped open all of our eyes to the whole around us as other see it.
  • College Sophomore
  • Dec 23 2013