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Reviews 466 total reviews with an average rating of 3.6

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5 College Freshman

Majors: I am a creative writing major and I am loving it. Though other aspects of this school might not be great the academics are. If it weren't for that I would transfer. Professors are very hands on. The curriculum is challenging for me but I enjoy learning and class is usually fun for me.

5 College Freshman

Majors: It's great. I don't know how else to say this is a great school for academics. The professors are very personal and have never talked down to me. The creative writing extracurriculars, however, are incredibly limited. The only thing that I have seen is Bird on the Wire and that happens once a semester! I can't believe how many creative writing majors there are and yet there are so few clubs and ways to get involved.

3 College Freshman

Health & Safety: If you are a girl, do not walk around alone at night. Even in a group with other girls is not a great idea. Walk with a couple guys or just don't walk around at night at all, if you want to ensure your safety 100%. Driving is fine. Bikes and other belongings get stolen frequently if you're not careful. This usually only happens around the edges of campus. I feel safest on the interior of campus where things are lit and criminals and gang members are less likely to be. Basically, you will be fine as long as you act smart and carry a small thing of pepper spray with you.

4 College Freshman

Local Atmosphere: Redlands can be Deadlands but at least it's pretty. There are lots of places to eat, just not a lot to actually do and I get cabin fever on this campus. I go to Chapman a lot to hang out with friends there. I do recommend trying find friends who are fun and not afraid to go on adventures. I have very few friends who are even available to go on such adventures and I have yet to even go to the beach with anyone. That could just be my personal experience since a lot of other students travel around California to go to LA, or the beaches, or up to Big Bear to ski. Just remember there are things to do, just not a whole lot in Redlands besides eat and watch movies which my wallet cannot afford.

4 College Freshman

Diversity: Lots of people of all colors, cultures, and sexual orientations. The U of R probably falls out of the private school white upper class students norm because of the huge amounts of financial aid given out to students, which is fantastic. I like the diversity because it makes the social scene interesting. I have found that there are certain groups that band together and that really ruins it for everyone else. We're all friends here so it makes no sense to just stick with people who speak your language or understand what it's like to be queer. Unfortunately, non-cisgendered people around here tend to be really touchy. They can be quite sensitive to people mistaking their sexual or gender orientation and a few of them use non-gendered pronouns and can get upset if you don't get it right. They have every right to want to be called he/she/it but I wish they wouldn't get upset when people get it wrong. I would rather be educated than reprimanded and I don't see a lot the LGBTQ scene reaching out to educate those unaware. But the diversity around here is great if you DO want to reach out to those similar to you in culture, race, or gender/sexual orientation but I would definitely say, don't let yourself get stuck in one clique.

3 College Freshman

Nightlife: I don't like partying so I would say the abundance of the partying here is annoying. It tends to peak at the beginning of the year and after finals in the winter and summer. They can get super loud. Also, they have implemented a new rule. All fraternity and sorority parties will be moved to the quad. This is probably due to the recent gang activity that has occurred around Greek row. I think this is better for the safety of students but there will be a LOT less partying because of this. Which, to be honest, might be a good thing. Their parties get really crazy on Greek row.

3 College Freshman

Greek Life: If you can avoid them, I would. The ones I've met have been snobbish, cliquey and we had a terrible incident of hazing a few years ago. Girls, I would not recommend rushing if you're not into the super social girl scene. For guys though I would definitely recommend it! There are plenty of great frats that are not bad. For some reason the guy's hazing tactics are not nearly as bad as the girl's. Imagine that. I have several guy friends who are in frats and can speak very highly for the music fraternity. They're all nerds but they have a lot of fun.

4 College Freshman

Computers: The speed of the internet here is great, the reliability of it, however, is not. But it is not frequent enough for me to care. I can always get a connection at any time of day. The computer labs are great for printing out last minute projects but I would definitely recommend bringing your own printer if you are going into any major that requires a lot of writing. I'm a creative writing major and we have to print out 20+ copies for our workshops and it gets really expensive when you have a 30+ page story to bring.

The computers are great. Very up-to-date Macs and PC's.

5 College Freshman

Weather: Great weather all year around. I love the sun, the fog, the rain here. It's all very balanced. There are no extremes of the weather which I love since I come from the desert and the heat here is nothing for me but I also don't have to deal with snow.

3 College Freshman

Facilities: It's hard to describe what really irks me about the U of R. I think the lethargy is what gets to me. Everyone here just seems so tired all of the time. You hear, "I'm tired of class." "I'm tired of this awful food." "I'm tired of XYZ." People! You are in college! I worked so hard to get where I am and I was initially jazzed to be here but I hate how the people act. It's like high school all over again. We have great professors. A great selection of classes and majors. Great opportunities for travel abroad. All the administration are SO willing to help you when you reach out to them. I just don't feel like I'm getting the full college experience. The variety of clubs is so disparate. You have greek organizations, community service, and diversity clubs (queer and cultural) and I would say that's about it. There are very few opportunities in clubs to do fun creative things and I wish that I didn't have to start my own club to get what I want out of my college experience.

And the social scene is... difficult. Part of it is just my generation, I can admit that. People are less willing to go up to other people and say, hey you seem cool, let's hang out. And I am definitely guilty of that. I wish that I had more choice of clubs purely for this reason. Meeting people with similar interests is hard without that. And I love people but I'm an introvert. It's more difficult for me to make friends but I have done it! So I'm not saying it will be impossible for introverted people to make friends, just way difficult. And if you're extroverted you're a step ahead! The greek and social organizations will eat you up and all the party scenes will definitely be for you. It's not hard to make friends that way, it's just not my way of meeting people with interests like mine.

4 College Freshman

Transportation: On-campus and off-campus shuttles here are great. Everywhere else, not so much. If you need to get somewhere and you don't have a car you can call the off-campus shuttle and they'll take you as far as Loma Linda but not anywhere farther than 20 minutes.

3 College Freshman

Athletics: I can't say much about sports here since I have zero participation in that field. However, the student-athletes are supposed to be more academically enriched in comparison to other athletes at other colleges since we do not give out athletic scholarships. Everything here is based on your scholarly attributes, not how well you played football in high school even though the coaches and athletes act like they're a big deal. Most people I know honestly laugh when someone makes a big deal about their sport. Like, really? If you were that great you definitely wouldn't be coming to Redlands for it's athletics.

4 College Freshman

Parking: I keep telling people who complain about parking that they are being ungrateful. I mean seriously. It's free! You know you have to pay $400+ dollars a semester in some places?? That's outrageous. I definitely don't mind walking a little farther if it means I don't have to pay through the nose to park my car. And it also means I have more money for gas.

4 College Freshman

Academics: The students tend to be more motivated but less competitive than other college students I've encountered. No one is running around showing off their great grades or fantastic study habits. It's not that it's not cool, it's just that no one cares because we're all here to do our best; that's a given. If you're not doing well, however, that's not cool. I definitely don't know anyone who is proud to tout their failing grades. You're wasting everyone's time in class, and your money, if that's how you want to treat college and everyone knows it.

The actual academics are challenging but not impossible. What makes them hard to completely fail is the fact that professors won't let you... as long as you're willing to take the time to come ask for help. I have had one economics professor make a deal with me after I came in asking for help. If I got an A on the final, I would get an A in the class. Handouts are definitely not given here but this was a case of, "I know you're studying. You have the basic concepts, just not the details. And you've come in asking for help, so I'm going to help in a way that requires you to meet me 3/4 of the way." I would say that is the general mindset of most professors here. Meet them 3/4 of the way and they will help you out if you're struggling. If you don't try, they definitely won't try either. I love that about our professors.

The only thing here is that I generally feel the students are lethargic about their studies. I don't see a lot of passion for their major. It could be that I'm a freshman and most of the classes I've taken are mainly intro courses and general studies classes but I wish that students here showed more passion for learning. Being motivated to get a good grade is one thing, having a passion for learning is quite another.

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3 College Freshman

Campus Housing: Okay, so if you live on the West side of campus, where all the old dorms are, chances are you're going to really dislike your housing experience, like me. The old dorms are on the historical registry so the school literally cannot renovate them to make them actually livable, yet students are still allowed to live there. In my opinion, the safety of students WAY out ranks the preservation of an old dorm. Anderson Hall, Grossmont, Fairmont, Bekins, and Holt all do NOT have air conditioning, proper heating, and other standards of safety are set way low due to their age. And the kicker is that we all pay upwards of $12,000 if you live in a double. I live in Anderson, the largest dorm on campus. There are 200 students living there. So if every students paid around 12,000 that's over $2,000,000 we pay the school each year to not at least have an upgraded electrical system so we can have window air conditioners. That's all I would ask for really. Air conditioning in Southern California is a must and it's a danger to students to not have it in these concrete buildings that take in heat like crazy.

But, that's just the bad stuff. There is way more good about our campus housing but you have to know about those dorms or else you would be coming in blind here. If you're a freshman you WILL end up in one of these four dorms. East, Williams, Anderson, or Grossmont. I definitely recommend East or Williams. Hands down wish I had been put into one of those dorms but due to my First Year Seminar being a music oriented class I was placed into Anderson (the hall with a music floor). I have made a lot of friends but the inconveniences of being far from the center of campus and the lack of an updated building almost made it not worth it. But I lived and you will too if you end up here, you just might not like it. If you can, try to get into Melrose, Cortner, or California/Founders. Those are the best dorms on campus, however they do not have a lot of freshman students.

4 College Freshman

Campus Strictness: The public safety officers are there to protect the safety, privacy, and comfort of students. If you're being dumb, chances are you're going to be called out and you obviously won't have such a great experience with p-safe. I have never had a problem with them. They immediately respond to your call and are very diligent in trying to make campus life here good for everyone, not just the goody-two-shoes. Parties are definitely not broken up unless people are getting hurt or are super sick otherwise, fun is definitely had. And more often than not people who get parking violations can contest them and get the fine removed unless it was obviously your mistake.

3 College Freshman

Drug Safety: Redlands is technically a dry campus but students over the age of 21 can have alcohol in their rooms. If underage students are caught in possession of, under the influence of, or even associating with other students who are drinking you could get into a lot of trouble. But it really depends on how you handle your consumption of it, i.e. where, when, how much your drinking, etc. If you're drinking in your room with your friends, watching a movie, hanging out, not being loud and obnoxious, practically no one will bother you as long as no one says anything to either the dorm CA's or public safety. If you're outside, obviously wasted, you are going to get noticed and stopped by someone. In short, if you're underaged and drinking just be smart about it, otherwise don't drink on campus until you're 21.

3 College Freshman

Off-Campus Dining: There are a lot of places off campus but you absolutely have to have a car to get anywhere. Sure, you can walk, but don't expect to feel very safe. There are a lot of ghettos around the city of Redlands and there have been a lot of recent reports of gang activity. As far as the actual off campus food, it's pretty good. The main areas to eat are Citrus Plaza further down Lugonia, Orange street which has grocery chains and some fast food type places, and then State Street which is has a lot of family run restaurants and such that are very good just not easily accessible.

College Senior

Campus Housing: I do not live on campus

4 College Senior

Off-Campus Dining: Downtown Redlands has a lot of food variety. For the vegas/vegetarians, Loma Linda is a short drive away and caters to them.

4 College Senior

Local Atmosphere: Redlands is a great area to live but it can be pricy and snobbish

3 College Senior

Diversity: Again, I am not on the main campus but at the Apple Valley Campus we are very laid back

3 College Senior

Parking: I attend a different campus so I don't often go to the main campus but the parking doesn't seem terrible

3 College Senior

Transportation: You need to have a vehicle for easy transportation

4 College Senior

Nightlife: Downtown Redlands has a great bar scene and night life, plus during the warm months they have a street fair on Thursday nights


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The University of Redlands is steeped in history, from the Victorian-style houses scattered throughout the town to the story of how students in 1926 saved the beloved hillside "R" from being removed by the U.S. Forest Service. Nestled 10 miles east of San Bernardino, Redlands, Calif., is surrounded by breathtaking mountains, with the Memorial Chapel acting like a beacon that draws visitors to the University. In fact, the campus is immersed in "green," with a sustainable garden that grows and sells fresh vegetables to the food management provider on campus. The Redlands community is often noted for its "big town with a small-town feel," and when it comes to University academics, this notion is also apparent, with small class sizes and an 11-to-1 student-teacher ratio. Professors definitely care about their students and see them as people instead of numbers, although some students wish they were a little more challenging with their curricula.

But sometimes being small can feel a little stifling for students. One of the University’s nicknames in regards to nightlife is "Dead-lands," as there are few nightclubs and bars in the area. Typically, the main form of nightlife on campus involves frats and sororities. Luckily, Los Angeles and San Diego are not too far away, so if it's the nightclub scene you're craving, there is sustenance. Speaking of nourishment, campus dining is rated well among students, especially with sustainable and vegetarian options; however, one thing students often vent about is how expensive campus dining can be. You have to be frugal on a week-to-week basis, which can be stressful. On most college campuses, parking is something that causes students anxiety, but at U of R, it's one of their biggest raves. Registration and permits are free, and spots are always relatively easy to find. However, in a beautiful area like Redlands, you'll probably enjoy looking for any excuse to walk.

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