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College Senior

Health & Safety: Some people do take it seriously and some don't. I think it's another matter of whether it's reported or not - and even then I've heard stories about nothing being done or things being swept under the rug. I've never experience it first hand myself. I think we've got more of an issue with harassment than assault from my own experience. There's a little too much cat calling and disrespect on the bridge for my taste.

College Senior

Diversity: I don't think I'm qualified to discuss this section. I know there are some people who aren't into diversity at all and want things to strictly be one way or another. And then there are people who say, just stick to yourself and don't worry about "other" people. And then still there are people who don't see it as these people or those people and just see us all as one student body and that's how I try to see things. It's hard when you have people who talk about things the first two ways and it kind of makes you freeze up and forces you to see the lines society has drawn.

4 College Senior

Campus Dining: If any of you were there before 2012 you would know that what we have now is a DREAM compared to the old caf. We've got one dining hall, and it can get a little cramped but we've beat record enrollment the last two years, so it's higher than what it was when these plans were drawn up. The menus are decent enough, there are rare days when I can't find SOMETHING that I like. The variety can sometimes be a little too varied - but they do have their menus up online if you ever want to check before you bother standing in line and swiping your card and finding a seat and standing in line more only to find out that there's nothing you like. If you live on campus you automatically get a meal plan which is unlimited meals 7 days a week and $150 in Bear Bucks which can be used to pay for meals for people who don't have a meal plan or in Java City, our coffee shop on campus which is located in Wickham next to the student lounge. You'll notice they're super busy the first few weeks and then that $150 starts trickling fast and so do the customers. lol. I just wish they were open a little later. I could have sworn my freshman year they were open until 10, and now it's 8 pm nightly, and they start putting away everything but the pizza, grilled/fried, the salads, and desserts usually around 7.

College Senior

Guys & Girls: Well this is a random question and I don't know why I'm rating just the girls but it's honestly a mix of people. I'm not going to lump all the guys together and all the girls together. =/ And the LGBT community on campus is alive and well, despite some hatred and animosity from certain individuals, recently the DSA - Differing Sexualities Alliance - was formed by two ladies, one straight and one gay, to provide a safe place and general discussion and support group for LGBTQA+ folks on campus. Our school is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church but you wouldn't really know it aside from us having Chapel once a week - and our Chaplain is incredibly supportive of people from all walks of life, all cultures, all religions - and even non religions - all genders all sexualities. Rob's the greatest. =)

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3 College Senior

Facilities: The library would be better if the people in there for their study hall for athletics were actually studying - and not taking up all the computers to watch YouTube videos. Some students actually need to use the computers for assignments. The student lounge just seems dark and scary and not very inviting. I get that they're making an effort though - I've been in there a couple times but it's just not my "go to" place. Now for green spaces - I really really really wish that big plaza had been a quad. It was just begging for some shade trees and pretty little walkways. But no. It's just slabs of concrete with a big ugly obelisk that NOBODY likes. Students didn't vote for that monstrosity. The money could have been put to better use. Benefactors names on park benches or trees. Not ugly bricks on the ground. As far as campus activities go, we've got this in the bag. Between office for student success, sga, student activities committee, director of student life, etc etc etc PLUS all the individual events put on by organizations there's plenty to do on any given day of the week. The thing is, nobody goes. And they say they never know about it but we put flyers up and send out emails and even write on the windows in big black letters for people to see and they don't show up. So idk what else to do. Now for arts, both visual and performing. We're housed on a single floor of Record Memorial. The music department has two faculty offices and we share the dressing rooms/practice rooms and sometimes can't even use those when the nursing students downstairs are testing. And the art department has two studios and two faculty offices, one of which is located within a studio. The entire building shares a single copier/printer system as well so if choir needs sheet music and nursing needs powerpoint packets there's a forever long wait. It's no bueno.

4 College Senior

Campus Strictness: The policies are in place and the RAs are the ones who are supposed to be the liaisons between students and administration/public safety. So if your RA is pretty by the book like myself, chances are your experience is going to be on the "stricter" side of things. But if they're doing jello shots with you in their room with the door open and music blasting - you're gonna think the administration is lenient. But you should always be considerate of your fellow students and try your best to follow the rules.

4 College Senior

Scholarships: They're really patient - the hassle isn't with the school it's with the IRS and the rest of the Federal Government. Somehow every year my file gets pulled for review and/or auditing and so I have to dig up my papers and forms all over again on the rare weekend at home and worry and stress those first few weeks to make sure that it's gone through. But I have the Pikeville Promise which covers whatever the CAP and PELL (and scholarships) don't of your tuition, basically, so I'm grateful for that.

4 College Senior

Off-Campus Dining: I'm addicted to Papa Johns pizza. There I said it! They have the best prices and the sweetest delivery people and they're just really excellent. I wish there were more places than pizza that delivered though. There's a Chinese place downtown, Peking Express I think. It's not as sit-down oriented as the Peking in Coal Run. But neither place delivers. I saw a sign for a taxi and delivery service last year that I never got around to trying out so we'll see what that's about. But I mean, I love places in Pikeville to eat. Usually I end up at Applebee's at least once a week with my friends. I'll probably be going to the Bank more often now that I'm 21. ;3

3 College Senior

Athletics: Too much focus is put on athletics. A lot of the student body are student athletes. But a lot of us aren't - and even then, I wish more focus was put on things other than basketball and football. Our bowling and soccer teams are good, so is tennis and golf. But those aren't spectator sports with the exception of soccer - but it's not really in close proximity to campus like the ball games are so hardly anybody goes. School Spirit is high - I go to our drawings for tournaments and get all pepped up for homecoming like any other Bear, don't get me wrong here. lol. I just think it sometimes makes things a little tense or makes non-athletes feel inferior.

4 College Senior

Campus Housing: I'm on the housing staff as a Resident Assistant so I've seen the housing from both the student and administrative aspect. I hear student complaints - I have student complaints - but it's never anything major and when it is it's fixed as soon as possible. The most common complaints are washers/dryers breaking or the A/C not working properly. One of our biggest issues is the fact that elevators break down several times a week. I'm not sure what could be done about that. But other than that things are okay, and as far as the ease of the housing process it's based on seniority and first come first serve. The director of reslife will try to work around your requests as smoothly as possible to try to make everyone at least remotely happy. But you can't always get what you want out of life. That's just reality for you. You can't fit 800 people in the same building. Not everyone can be in a single room in Derriana. Not everyone can go into Kinzer's suites. The Greeks go in Wickham - try pledging and you might get to go there next semester. There are just things that some people don't realize because they don't see the big picture. But I've been happy with my housing assignment for as long as I've been there. I lived in Condit all three years, and I don't have a single complaint. Now this year I'm going into Derriana and we'll see how it goes. =)

4 College Senior

Academics: There are a lot of programs offered, but you can tell that the money makers get the most attention and funding. Like the sciences that will breed pre-meds for the med school or the business students that will be going into the MBA program. The Humanities often get the short end of the stick and nobody takes us very seriously as far as the student body is concerned.

4 College Senior

Academics: It's grown in leaps and bounds just over the last three years so it's getting better - in fact my major didn't even EXIST when I first came here. But there's room for improvement. As my professor says "Baby Steps".

2 College Senior

Off-Campus Housing: There are very few places in the downtown area for students to rent. Most rental properties are miles off campus in different "neighborhoods" of Pike County even. Also, I'm pretty sure the school requires student athletes to stay on campus now. I may be mistaken but I know it was being discussed towards the end of my sophomore year. But on campus housing isn't so bad.

4 College Senior

Local Atmosphere: I love the town and can't wait to go back after this summer. It's bigger than my hometown of 167 that's for sure. Most out of town students complain about there not being a mall, but I'm used to driving 30+ minutes to the closest Walmart here at home. So I don't think it's so bad. However, it's still a relatively small eastern KY town. It's not a hustling bustling city filled with people from every walk of life and every facet of hobby or interest to take part in. There's no public transportation - which sucks because I don't drive. BUT the university has a "walmart wednesday" van that they take at 5 and 7 pm for students who don't drive or just don't want to use the gas. And it's pretty cool. That's my main way of getting to that shopping center to get groceries and things. And then they also have "What's Up Wednesday" at 8:30 where local churches or other groups make home cooked meals and serve them to students, and then we do activities or just talk about what's going on or, "What's Up". It's pretty neat. Ambria and Mandy and their work studies really do a lot for us. =)

3 College Senior

Greek Life: There's not much to say really. They're sort of just there. Nobody really takes it seriously but nobody really hates on it either. If I took it more seriously I might have considered joining but it just seems like a lot of drama and hassle with little to no payoff.

3 College Sophomore

Campus Housing: The best dorm to stay at is Kinzer, as it's newer and the rooms are fairly larger than any other dorm. It's nearly impossible for freshman to get in though, as students apply for housing during the previous semester. Because it is the second farthest from the classroom buildings, many often opt to stay in one of the older dorms. If you meet personally with the housing director it's pretty easy to get placed wherever you want and with your preferred roommate. You only really have issues as a freshman.

College Sophomore

Facilities: Although this is an older school, there aren't many things in terms of special niches due to how small it is and the area surrounding. If you're interested in studying abroad, there are many professors attempting to build up the program.

4 College Sophomore

Facilities: The dormitories are pretty nice. They come with a desk and chair, dresser, and bed for each student, with normally two students per room. The beds can be stacked for storage space, but I recommend raising the bed and putting your dresser underneath. We have a library on campus with a fairly large selection of books for research and pleasure, including a small selection of children's books for education majors to borrow. The first floor is mainly desktop computers (Macs and PCs) and laptops (Dells from various years). The other two floors are books. With your student ID, you can also check out laptops for a few hours to stay in the library. The cafeteria is typical cafe-styled dining, but quite a bit better than high school (depending on where you're from, at least).

3 College Sophomore

Campus Strictness: Campus security is pretty much a joke, to be completely honest. The school has strict policies, but they are often not carried out to the extent described. I attended a party hosted by my resident assistant in his dorm suite where people were openly drinking from bottles. When campus security showed up after a few noise complaints when many of us had already left for the night, the remaining people were told to poor out any alcohol in the dorm. They didn't even bother to search and see all the closed containers in the fridge or cabinets.

1 College Sophomore

Health & Safety: There is a serious drug and alcohol problem at this school. Although the campus is extremely small, we are advised to walk in groups especially at night and for good reason. Sexual assault is not uncommon. Although the school is now using services from WestCare, it's only a very small step in the right direction. Students are still not receiving the help they need when these situations occur because of the terrible track record of administrators often ignoring reports or choosing to "sweep them under the rug". The discipline system is lacking to the point of embarrassment. Penalties for crimes are high-cost, but don't help anything if they aren't enforced.

College Sophomore

Overall Experience: The classes are small and the teachers are usually very attentive and eager to talk to you about anything. There's a very comfortable air and it's not surprising to have a teacher chilling in the student lounge or eating lunch at a nearby table. There are very few clubs, but as the school grows more and more interest-based groups are popping up. Football and basketball games get the most attention, so they usually have the best funding. The dorms are fairly older, but usually kept in good shape. We have a wonderful cleaning staff that is responsible for the upkeep of public areas, very friendly. I recommend staying on campus if at all possible because of all the issues with parking that will be coming up do to construction on a new building and the already limited number of spaces. If you don't drive, it's all the better!

3 College Sophomore

Local Atmosphere: There are a few smaller shops for clothes shopping, but nothing particularly special. A few fast food restaurants, as well as a couple acceptable dine-in places. About an hour away is an outlet mall with a few shops in it. The scenery is gorgeous if you love mountains and hiking, outdoor sports and such. Theres a park that you can see from the hill the school is on, and it's often decorated with flowers and shrubbery. A lot of students opt to take summer or additional classes at the community college down the street. Public transportation doesn't exist, but everything "downtown" is within walking distance.

3 College Sophomore

Athletics: The sports teams often share fields with the local high school. There is an exposition center where the basketball teams play. The gym is used primarily for training those on athletics teams and not for use by regular students. Intramural leagues are advertised relatively poorly.

3 College Sophomore

Off-Campus Housing: Many people looking for off-campus housing will be directed to trailers and small houses miles from campus, with very limited access to parking. Due to construction from fall 2014-2015, the largest parking lot is now closed. If you're lucky enough to find a house downtown, they're usually pretty expensive.

2 College Sophomore

Diversity: This university is in a small, southern town and very much NOT used to diversity in any sense of the word. Most of the students are caucasian and from the area and accepting when it comes to different races, the people who live here are very much not. Because UPike is affiliated with a Christian church and is still listed as a private Christian college in many databases, there is a chapel on campus and attending the 11AM services are encouraged. LGBTQ individuals are encouraged to STEER CLEAR of this school. I have seen many people publically ridiculed for being open with their peers.


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