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Academic Experience

A high Academic Experience grade implies that professors are knowledgeable and accessible and communicate well with students. Other determining factors include class sizes, consistency and fairness of grading scale, strength of curriculum/academic programs, and workload.

Academic Flexibility

A high Academic Flexibility grade indicates the school makes reasonable accommodations to work around students' daily lives and schedules. Determining factors include class availability, ease of class registration process, ease of transferring credits, and time investment required.

Campus Resources

A high grade in Campus Resources means the facilities are state-of-the-art, the libraries are exceptional, the computer labs are convenient and have up-to-date equipment and software, the computer network is reliable and fast, and the campus is aesthetically pleasing.

Career Services

A high Career Services grade indicates the school is very supportive in helping students find jobs after graduation. Determining factors include quality of the career center, services available to current students and alumni, and strength of the alumni network.

Online Courses

A high Online Courses grade implies these classes are convenient and academically strong, the professors communicate well with students, and the grading system is fair. Other determining factors include ease of testing process, interaction with other students, technical skills needed, and workload.

Student Body

A high Student Body grade means students interact well with one another, are accepting of others, and students of different ethnic backgrounds are well represented.

Tuition & Financial Aid

A high grade in Tuition & Financial Aid implies the financial aid process is easy and convenient, aid is plentiful for eligible students, and the tuition paid is well worth the education students receive at this school.