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A high Academics grade generally indicates that professors are knowledgeable, accessible, and genuinely interested in their students' welfare. Other determining factors include class size, how well professors communicate, and whether or not classes are engaging.


A high grade in Athletics indicates that students have school spirit, that sports programs are respected, and that games are well-attended. Other factors include the quality of athletic facilities and the prominence of intramurals on campus.

Campus Dining

The grade on Campus Dining addresses the quality of both school-owned dining halls and independent on-campus restaurants, as well as the price, availability, and variety of food.

Campus Housing

A high Campus Housing grade indicates that dorms are clean, well-maintained, and spacious. Other determining factors include variety of dorms, proximity to classes, and social atmosphere.

Campus Strictness

A high Campus Strictness grade implies an overall lenient atmosphere, RAs are fairly tolerant, campus police are kind and helpful, and the administration's rules are flexible.


A high grade in Computers designates that computer labs are available, the computer network is easily accessible, and the campus's computing technology is up-to-date.


A high grade in Diversity indicates that ethnic minorities and international students have a notable presence on campus and that students of different economic backgrounds, religious beliefs, and sexual preferences are well-represented and accepted by other students.

Drug Safety

A high grade in Drug Safety indicates that drugs and alcohol are not a noticeable part of campus life; drug use is not visible, and no pressure to use drugs or drink alcohol seems to exist.


A high Facilities grade indicates that the campus is aesthetically pleasing and well-maintained, facilities are state-of-the-art, and libraries are exceptional. Other determining factors include the quality of both athletic and student centers and an abundance of things to do on campus.


A high grade for Girls not only implies that the women on campus are attractive, smart, friendly, and engaging but also that there is a fair ratio of girls to guys.

Greek Life

A high grade in Greek Life indicates that sororities and fraternities are not only present but active on campus. Other determining factors include the variety of houses available and the respect the Greek community receives from the rest of the campus.


A high grade for Guys indicates that the male population on campus is attractive, smart, friendly, and engaging and that the school has a decent ratio of guys to girls.

Health & Safety

A high grade in Health & Safety means that students generally feel safe, campus police are visible, blue-light phones and escort services are readily available, and safety precautions are not overly necessary. Other factors include the convenience of the student health center and the quality of services offered there.

Local Atmosphere

A high Local Atmosphere grade indicates that the area surrounding campus is safe and scenic. Other factors include nearby attractions, proximity to other schools, and the town's attitude toward students.


A high grade in Nightlife indicates that there are many bars and clubs in the area that are easily accessible and affordable. Other determining factors include the number of options for the under-21 crowd and the prevalence of house parties.

Off-Campus Dining

A high Off-Campus Dining grade implies that off-campus restaurants are affordable, accessible, and worth visiting. Other factors include the variety of cuisine and the availability of alternative options (vegetarian, vegan, Kosher).

Off-Campus Housing

A high grade in Off-Campus Housing indicates that apartments are of high quality, close to campus, and affordable. Other factors include the schools services to help students move off campus and how easy it is to secure housing.


A high grade in the Parking section indicates that parking is available, affordable, and convenient and that parking enforcement isn't overly severe.


A high grade for Transportation indicates that campus buses, public buses, cabs, and rental cars are readily available and affordable. Other determining factors include proximity to an airport and the necessity of transportation.


A high Weather grade designates that temperatures are mild and rarely reach extremes, that the campus tends to be sunny rather than rainy, and that weather is fairly consistent rather than unpredictable.