George Fox University Rankings

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Overall Experience
Best Overall Student Experience 110out of 1,380
Highest Tuition 389out of 1,856
If I Could Do It All Over Again 524out of 1,420
Best Social Scene 607out of 1,378
Most Expensive On-Campus Living 666out of 1,710
Most Full-Time Students 849out of 2,191
Most Freshmen 868out of 1,682
Most Applicants Per Year 889out of 1,681
Most Part-Time Students 901out of 2,156
Hardest to Get In 1155out of 1,669
Academics B+
Best Registration Process 27out of 1,394
Most Caring Professors 39out of 1,390
Best Student-Faculty Ratio 115out of 450
Best Use of Teaching Assistants 132out of 1,381
Most Available Classes 176out of 1,395
Best Academic Advisers 218out of 1,391
Professors Most Interested in Classes 222out of 1,391
Best Course Variety 337out of 1,394
Most Manageable Workloads 380out of 1,394
Smartest Professors 485out of 1,392
Best Technology in the Classroom 625out of 1,390
Most Flexible Curriculums 656out of 1,394
Best Online Course Options 819out of 1,385
Athletics B+
Best Intramural Sports 41out of 1,367
Most Active Varsity Sports 388out of 1,368
Campus Dining C+
Best Ethnic/Kosher Options 384out of 1,392
Best Vegetarian/Vegan-Friendly Options 415out of 1,388
Healthiest Dining Options 583out of 1,391
Best Cafeteria Variety 1029out of 1,390
Best Quality Food 1141out of 1,392
Best Late-Night Dining Options 1277out of 1,389
Campus Housing A-
Best Dorm Atmosphere 177out of 1,380
Cleanest Dorms 264out of 1,382
Most Spacious Dorms 366out of 1,378
Shortest Walk to Class 700out of 1,380
Campus Strictness B-
Strictest Honor Code 56out of 1,380
Best Campus Police 74out of 1,406
Most Lenient Parking 752out of 1,380
Computers B-
Best Wireless Availability 729out of 1,414
Fastest Internet 802out of 1,414
Best Network Reliability 1001out of 1,415
Best Computer Availability 1147out of 1,416
Diversity B-
Most Conservative Schools 329out of 1,394
Most Open-Minded Schools 981out of 1,401
Most Liberal Schools 1058out of 1,394
Drug Safety A+
Least Peer-Pressured Students 13out of 1,307
Least Underage Drinkers 15out of 1,339
Most Drug-Free Campuses 26out of 1,338
Best Schools for Non-Drinkers 32out of 1,333
Most Social Drinkers 1299out of 1,333
Facilities B-
Best Performance Venues 519out of 1,368
Best Library 667out of 1,380
Greenest Campuses 734out of 1,366
Best Athletic Facilities 747out of 1,376
Best Student Centers 1203out of 1,380
Girls B+
Most Religious Girls 90out of 1,344
Most Creative/Artsy Girls 119out of 1,345
Friendliest Girls 132out of 1,350
Smartest Girls 543out of 1,344
Most Athletic Girls 670out of 1,346
Hottest Girls 877out of 1,345
Party Girls 1306out of 1,342
Greek Life C-
Most Selective Greek Organizations 78out of 1,181
Best Greek/Non-Greek Relations 178out of 1,172
Best Greek Housing 304out of 1,253
Where Greek Life Rules 1146out of 1,254
Guys B
Most Religious Guys 45out of 1,329
Friendliest Guys 169out of 1,334
Most Creative/Artsy Guys 235out of 1,328
Smartest Guys 252out of 1,331
Hottest Guys 675out of 1,332
Most Athletic Guys 788out of 1,334
Party Guys 1317out of 1,332
Health & Safety A+
Best Student Health Center 28out of 1,368
Safest Campuses 82out of 1,385
Most Visible Campus Police 671out of 1,400
Local Atmosphere C+
Friendliest Townies/Locals 178out of 1,419
Safest Surroundings 193out of 1,421
Best Areas to Live In After Graduation 598out of 1,420
Most Scenic Campuses 705out of 1,418
Best Pro Sports Teams 904out of 1,415
Most Affordable Campus Towns 987out of 1,417
Best Shopping Centers 1167out of 1,419
Best Schools for City Living 1187out of 1,417
Best School Dining 1216out of 1,417
Most Museums/Cultural Attractions 1222out of 1,419
Best Proximity to Other Schools 1254out of 1,407
Most Exciting Nightlife 1357out of 1,414
Nightlife D+
Tamest Party Scenes 29out of 1,372
Best Drink Prices 1272out of 1,323
Biggest Party Schools 1343out of 1,372
Off-Campus Dining C-
Best Off-Campus Dining Variety 1081out of 1,433
Best Off-Campus Dining Cost 1193out of 1,393
Off-Campus Housing B+
Best Off-Campus Housing Options 149out of 1,362
Parking B+
Best Parking Availability 121out of 1,392
Best Off-Campus Parking 292out of 1,398
Most Reasonable Permit Costs 359out of 1,386
Transportation C+
Most Easily Accessible Town 102out of 1,392
Best Car Campuses 926out of 1,390
Best Campus Transit 1262out of 1,369
Weather B+
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