Fox Valley Technical College Rankings

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Academic Experience B+
Best Class Availability 386out of 1,608
Best Class Sizes 718out of 1,612
Most Accessible Professors 1006out of 1,617
Least Stressful Workloads 1068out of 1,603
Academic Flexibility B+
Most Flexible Class Schedules 582out of 1,547
Campus Resources B+
Best Dining Options 26out of 1,574
Best Discount Software 141out of 1,585
Best Research Labs 317out of 1,572
Best Recreational Facilities 531out of 1,553
Career Services A-
Strongest Alumni Network 880out of 1,465
Easiest Transfer Process 1213out of 1,523
Online Courses C
Best Online Professor Communication 756out of 1,447
Best Online Course Options 853out of 1,458
Best Tech Support 1130out of 1,452
Student Body B+
Smartest Students 330out of 1,702
Most Outgoing Students 369out of 1,704
Friendliest Students 630out of 1,705
Most Career-Oriented Students 632out of 1,704
Best Social Interaction 1616out of 1,694
Tuition & Financial Aid A-
Smoothest Financial Aid Process 1488out of 1,722
Best Bang for Your Buck 1552out of 1,672

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