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Reviews 341 total reviews with an average rating of 3.5

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1 College Freshman

Nightlife: It Sucks Bad. If you drank in high school, or have experience with the opposite sex do not come here if you want good night life. The only kids that appreciate the parties are the ones that did not engage in underage drinking in high school. There are fews bars within walking distance and those are sports bars for creepy men. The parties are small and remind me of a good high school party.

3 College Freshman

Off-Campus Dining: I Like It. There is a lot a popular chains along with some local good dine in.

4 College Freshman

Facilities: The facilities at Augustana are well kept for the most part. The bathroom in my dorm room is disgusting in my opinion. People need to learn to clean out the sink when they are done using it.
The campus itself is beautiful. It's one of the most gorgeous campuses I have seen.

4 College Freshman

Computers: There are many computer resources available to students at Augustana. The computers are all current and have the latest software. However, the Augustan network is extremely slow and can be unreliable. There is wireless access available through the main parts of campus but not in my dorm. It is very helpful having a personal computer on campus because you can take it where you need to go and access everything you need.
Augustana offers student priniting but I would recommend bringing you own printer. It is much more convenient. You have to go to the library or one of the buildings with a computer lab if you need to print.

4 College Sophomore

Scholarships: Augustana's financial aid is pretty good. Most students get at least something. Scholarships are readily available and are fairly easy to get. Some scholarships are for over $16000.

5 College Sophomore

Greek Life: Augie's Greek Life is HUGE. There are 7 frats and 6 sororities. All have their pros and cons and they all have their stigma. For the frat's, there are the Alpha Sigs (Alpha Sigma Xi)- the gamers, Bos (Beta Omega Sigma)-the drunks, Gabs (Gamma Alpha Beta)-the potheads/soccer players, the Roundels (Rho Nu Delta)- the frat most like a sorority/track frat, the Dons (Delta Omega Nu)- the "skull and bones"/"thank you sir, may I have another" type, the Poobahs (Phi Omega Phi)- the preppy a**holes, and the Ozos (Omicron Sigma Omicron)- the partiers. For the sororities, there are the Caps (Chi Alpha Pi)-the "good" girls, the Cogs (Chi Omega Gamma)- the drunk girls, the KTs (Sigma Kappa Tau)- the nice but socially awkward girls, the Speeds (Sigma Pi Delta)- the goofy/athletes, D-Chis (Delta Chi Theta)- the party girls, and the Phi Rhos- the hot but preppy bitches. Again, these are just their stigmas and does not reflect who these members truely are. Augustana's greek system is all local chapters and has a lot to offer. It's all about finding the right fit for you.

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4 College Sophomore

Local Atmosphere: Rock Island and the Quad Cities – Augustana is between the Keystone Neighbourhood and Broadway District of Rock Island. Broadway is an upper middle class neighborhood of old Victorian houses on the bluffs of Rock Island. Keystone is the oposite. Some consider it a bad neighborhood. Low income families. Small rundown houses. But the "Augie Bubble" keeps most of the bad "townies" out. The Quad Cities are such a diverse group of cities. You have industry on the Illinois side of Rock Island and Moline. The commerce of Davenport. And the mostly residential community of Bettendorf.

3 College Sophomore

Transportation: Most people at Augie have their own cars. Though most places are in walking distance from campus, it is still nice to have a car. Bikes are also helpful to have but the Quad Cities are very hilly so be prepared to have a work out. The bus is ok and is free for students with their ID. Augustana College Escort Service (or ACES) is a free shuttle that will take you anywhere around campus.

3 College Sophomore

Parking: Parking is readily available on campus. However, a lot of it is street parking though. Parking is also expensive and if you try to buck the system and not buy a permit, campus security will write you a ticket as soon as you get out of your car. Campus parking tickets are easy enough to get out of though. (Just don't pay them) But don't get too many tickets, or security will boot your car.

4 College Sophomore

Drug Safety: Drugs aren't huge at Augie. Yeah, you do get a good number of pot users but other than that, that's about it. Alcohol is another beast all together. A good portion of the student body drinks, some to excess but most is under control. You'll find the "fallen soldiers" (ie red cups and empty beer cans) of last night's party around campus on the sidewalks or in the slough. If you don't dink, that's fine. There isn't a lot of peer pressure when it comes to that sort of stuff and those who don't drink are often times looked at with respect. But do keep this in mind, it's not peer pressure, it's just your turn.

4 College Sophomore

Facilities: Augustana (Rock Island) is the original Augustana. Founded over 150 years ago, the college is steeped in tradition. But don't think that has stopped us from being the progressive force that we are. With President Steve Bahls, Augie is moving closer and closer to becoming that Midwest Ivy school. Located in the Quad Cities also opens the nation up to its students. Having the industry of Illinois to the East and the agriculture of Iowa to the west. Augustana is a small school with a big school atmosphere and spirit.

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4 College Sophomore

Campus Strictness: Strictness at Augustana has so many different degrees of severity. It really all depends on what you're doing. Drinking in the dorms can be a bad idea depending on your Community Advisor (or CA). That can lead to fines, drinking tickets, but worst of all, them taking your booze. Pot and other drugs are a different thing as well. It seems like if you do it out in the open like in the quad, you're fine. But when you try to hide it, that's when it can really hit the fan. The school is weird and strict about the most random things. General rule, if you don't give them a reason to look for something, they won't.

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3 College Sophomore

Campus Housing: Augie offers five dorms (or residence halls). Each have their pros and cons. Starting with Seminary, this option is only offered to freshmen. In Sem, students live in groups of 3 but each set of roommates get 2 rooms. (Most Sem residence set it up in one sleeping room and then another common room. Another option only offered to freshmen is Swanson Commons. These are set up in a "suite" style where a pair of roommates share a bathroom. Swanson is the nicest and newest dorm on campus but is the most expensive option. Though not limited to freshmen, Andreen hall is another dorm geared toward freshmen. Centrally located the Dirty Dreen allows students to literally roll out of bed and be in class in less than 5 minutes. But the Dreen has got the nickname "Dirty" because it's one of the oldest dorms. Andreen has the most single person rooms and offten times freshmen can get into these rooms. Then there are 2 halls in upper campus. These dorms are the largest dorms, has the largest number of upperclassmen (most greek group members not able to live in a house, will often "claim" a floor of a wing and room near eachother), but these dorms are the farthest away from lower campus and classes. The 2 upper campus dorms are Westerlin and Erickson. Westerlin has its own cafeteria and is often times the louder and more rowdy dorm choice. Erickson is quieter and also offers air conditioning. All dorms are CoEd and are either separated by floor or wing depending on the building. Upperclassmen have the choice to apply for a Transitional Living Areas (or TLA) which is either an on campus apartment or house that helps students learn to be more self sufficient and self reliant. The vast majority of seniors move to an off campus house or apartment for that year. (Augie has little to offer seniors in terms of housing since most choose to live off campus.)

College Junior

Off-Campus Housing: Senior Year ONLY – At Augustana you are required to live on campus (unless approved by financial aid) the first three years. The first two are spent living in the resident halls and the third is spent in TLA (transitional living apartments). During the beginning of your junior year you sign leases for where you are going to live your senior year. A lot of places offer rent with utilities included while others offer cheaper rent without utilities. There are quite a few places around campus and I haven't heard anything bad (however, I'm only a junior and will soon be going through the process myself). All of my friend who were seniors last year loved their off-campus housing, however.

3 College Junior

Health & Safety: General Safe – A year ago I would have given Augustana a much higher score. There are blue lights scattered around campus to push in case of emergencies and the inside of campus is generally safe. However, this last year we did have a problem with a peeping tom that was targeting the off-campus housing. The situation was eventually resolved, but it was scary being there for a while. Drinking in an accepted part of campus life, as long as you don't drink in the residence halls and you don't drink dangerously or stupidly. However, if you drink in the halls and get caught there are consequences. We used to have adult desk attendants at night during the weekends, but they are trying to lower their budget costs so they are replacing them with students and reducing the hours to 9pm-midnight. Besides that, the security are friendly and respond to emergencies in a timely manner.

4 College Junior

Academics: The Real Liberal Art's Experience – I am a Classical Studies (Latin) & Biology double major with Environmental Studies minor. I'm not sure there is another school anywhere where you could get that combination of majors and minors and still manage to graduate in four years while also going abroad to study for a class.

The Classics' professors are the GREATEST professors you will ever meet. Although a little odd at times they care about you as a person and student and are all extremely knowledgeable in the field, especially their specialties. The classes are not easy, but the professors make them so fun and the material is so interesting that it is usual not hard to do the homework required and as long as you do the homework you will get by well in the classes. They are very involved with the students both in and out of the classroom. For those of you that don't know Classics is the study of Ancient Greece and Rome including language (Latin and/or Ancient Greek), history, culture, religion, etc.

The biology program at Augustana is very well known and a lot of students come for the Pre- Vet/Med/PA/OT/etc. The core classes are boring and if you had advanced classes in high school you won't have to worry too much about those. However, there is a Bio-150 intro class that you have to take before you can get into ANY biology class for biology majors. So if you are planning on being a biology major, you need to take that as soon as possible. The professors are generally very willing to work with you and try to make sure you understand everything or get the help you need if you don't.

Environmental studies is a very involved minor. The classes are spread over a very wide range of core majors. In order to get either a minor or a major you need to complete an internship that the professors help you set up. It allows you to get a very rounded view of environmental studies and hands on experience.

3 College Junior

Guys & Girls: Above Average – People at Augie come in lots of shapes and sizes, as it to be expected. Because of the copious amount of stairs to be found on campus, there is very little evidence of a "Freshman 15". The school's mascot might as well be "Buns and Thighs of Steel".

3 College Junior

Facilities: Augie has some pretty nice facilities. The PepsiCo recreation center is a fieldhouse for the general student body with a weightroom, cardio machines, an indoor track, and basketball courts. The library is less than 20 years old and bridges the gap between form and function well. There has been controversy over a new student center because it seems to be rather unnecessary. Because of backlash against the administration for cutting out the student board in the planning of the facility, there is a general air of resentment to the building. As nice as it will be for future generations of students, the consensus in the student body seems to be "Why should I fund a new building that will disrupt my education for several years during its construction when it will never be completed during my time here?". While this is true of most 4-year schools and construction, it is a very hot-button issue at Augustana. The Quad City area isn't particularly glamorous on the Illinois side of the river, there are plenty of on-campus activities sanctioned by the school and there is always something to do on the weekends, through the Office of School Activities, Greek life, or parties and get togethers found at all colleges .

4 College Junior

Academics: It Is up to You to Go the Extra Mile – Augustana has excellent faculty, classes, and major areas of study but you have to be diligent enough to seek out your professors for help. Like all colleges, there is very little hand holding. First year students undertake the year long "LSFY" class regimen. This is to fully pound the concept of the liberal arts and a well-rounded learning experience into your head. While it is not for everyone, most find that it helps their writing and creative thinking skills.

2 College Senior

Off-Campus Dining: Mainly Fastfood Near by. There are some good places to eat in downtown Moline or in Davenport but you have to drive to get there. Everything close is mainly fast food so it is cheap and easy to get to. I would suggest HyVee on Monday's for their all you can eat Chinese. Most local restaurants have Augie discounts if you show your ID.

1 College Senior

Computers: It is very frustrating to be a Science Major when you need to use a computer or print something off for a class. The lab is extremely small for the amount of students in the building and about 25% of the computers do not work. Also, the printer often stops working and there is only one. Very frustrating when you only have 15 minutes between classes to print something or check your email.

4 College Sophomore

Weather: The local weather doesn't affect the campus experience at all, besides for the changing beautification of the campus as the seasons progress. The campus is smaller so snow or rain does not affect travel to class and the groundskeepers are very prompt in clearing the paths of snow.

4 College Sophomore

Parking: To park in one of the designated lots, one must have a parking permit for that specific lot. These permits cost 250 dollars for the entire year. The need for a car on campus isn't very high, however. One can walk to anywhere on campus and the local stores and restaurants are in walking distance as well.

4 College Sophomore

Academics: Strict Schedules and Hard Work – As a Biology major, your academic schedule is very pre-planned and offers little room for other classes. This is due to the high amount of credits necessary to achieve this degree. This thus calls for a rigorous work ethic if one wants to succeed in this major. Furthermore, the facilities that are used are of the highest caliber. Clean, hi-tech, and loaded with the most intelligent professors, the science building at Augustana is incomparable. The amount of internships and job opportunities that the professors make ready available are vast.

3 College Sophomore

Computers: Not Bad. ITS is useless, but there are always computers available in one building or another, there is no wifi in the res halls, but if you get a long ethernet cable it's not that bad.


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