New York University Student Authors

Name: Victoria Adesoba
Hometown: Downtown Brooklyn
Major: Chemistry

What made you choose your school? It's a world-renowned academic institution and it's fifteen minutes away from home!

What activity makes you happy? Novels! and free time (which is really rare).

What is your biggest pet peeve? Hearing people insult others, it just gets your skin crawling with anger. Quite irritating.

What is your favorite book, movie, or TV show and why? Favorite Show: Castle (It's just awesome).

If you had a million dollars, how would you spend it? I would pay off my college loans, save some money for medical school, help out my family, and personally seek out a needy cause with which to donate the rest of the money to (most likely one that aids struggling families with children). Overall, I would spend it in a positive way, in a manner in which I would not regret when reflecting upon my use of it.

What are your plans for after graduation? A lag year of biomedical Research, and Medical School afterwards (if I have not gravitated towards another area in the field of science).

What is something about you that might surprise someone? I'm quite crazy.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why? Brazil: Its culture and heritage is beautiful, and it is a picturesque country.

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be? Ahhhh, such a hard question, I'd like to be able to change my appearance, at anytime, sort of like a a shape shifter. It sure would come in handy, and it just seems like a fun ability to possess.

Name: Rachel Northrop
Hometown: Plymouth, NH
Major: Secondary English Education

Name: Meredith Turley