Columbia University Student Authors

Name: Sara Cervantes
Hometown: Austin, TX
Major: English and American Studies
Grad Year: 2014

What made you choose your school? Columbia is the best of both worlds: a liberal arts college within a large, prestigious university. Additionally, Columbia is a vibrant and diverse community within one of the greatest cities on earth. Not to mention the stellar academics! Why would anyone go anywhere else?!

What activity makes you happy? Urban exploration! Spending time in the various neighborhoods of New York, running around in various parks, trying new hole-in-the-wall restaurants.

What is your biggest pet peeve? Iceberg lettuce. Also, mosquitoes.

What is something about you that might surprise someone? I host a radio show of avant-garde and experimental music from 2-6 am every other week.

What is your favorite book, movie, or TV show and why? I find it impossible to commit to "favorites," but I love "Crime and Punishment" and stayed up all night once to finish it. I will watch "Rushmore" (or any Wes Anderson movie) with you at any time of day, no questions asked. And I think we can all agree that "Arrested Development" is the most flawlessly brilliant show ever.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why? I would love to take a road trip all over America. This country is amazing and huge and I want to experience it in its entirety.

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be? Invisibility. I could sneak into all sorts of exclusive events and carry out all manner of mischief.

If you had a million dollars, how would you spend it? Pay off student loans, give my family money for putting up with me, and use the rest to go to all the musical festivals I can afford/physically handle.

What are your plans for after graduation? Hopefully something involving writing. Also something which will foot the bill for my addiction to New York City.

Name: Alexandre Millet
Hometown: Washington D.C., Geneva
Major: Economics and Computer Science

Name: Michelle Tompkins

Name: Julia Green